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"Vijayi Veer Vishesh India Party"

"History remembers those who create future!!"

Vijayi Veer Vishesh India Party was founded by Amanpreet Singh Rai on September 22, 2011, at his residence in Brooklyn Park, South Australia.

The ideals of Vijayi Veer Vishesh India Party are summed up in the declaration of formation available on Amanpreet Singh Rai's artist website. A link for your convenience is provided here.

Declaration of formation of VVVIP

Indians settled all over the globe, and not just in India, are invited to join VVVIP, to give it strength of numbers, so that something constructive could be achieved. VVVIP intends to make India the next global superpower. However, anything can be achieved only when there are enough patriots that put their efforts and resources behind such a revolutionary drive.

India needs another revolution to get out of the rut the current political leadership has led it into. However every revolutions does not have to be full of blood shed, for revolution does not mean violence. Revolution refers to concerted, combined and enlightened efforts that lead to a betterment in society. "Green Revolution" that changed the face of farming sector in India, making India not only self reliant in food generation, but also a leading exporter of food, is a perfect example of the revolution mentioned here. "White Revolution", which refers to unprecedented milk production is another example.

What India needs today is a "Moral Revolution", one which will change the attitude of Indians towards their motherland, and their responsibilities towards it. A "Moral Revolution" is needed to change the corrupt practices followed by every Indian. The question "where is corruption in India" has only one answer. The corruption is inside the hearts of ordinary Indians and leaders alike. The real question is, "Who is not corrupt in India?" Once we answer this question honestly to ourselves, we will start noticing everything corrupt that we do. Once we notice what we are doing wrong, our conscience will tell us what is the right thing to do. And once we all start doing the right thing, there will a "Moral Revolution".

I, Amanpreet Singh Rai, the founder of "Vijayi Veer Vishesh India Party" seek the support of every like minded and truly patriotic Indian, to join me in efforts and resources, to bring about a new dawn in India, so that together we can create a new future, and hence leave behind a glowing history. Also, visit the "Politics" page of my artist website mentioned above, where the declaration VVVIP formation resides. You will find many other informational write-ups and videos, all of which provide solutions to various problems faced by India. Some more videos not provided a link to on that page can be accessed by my youtube channel "thestrangeruknew", a link to which is available on my artist website. Let us get moving friends for there is no time to waste.

Join me my friends,
Amanpreet Singh Rai

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