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Giving this world a brighter future

"History is not written by cowards who merely live in present and hope for a better future. History is written by brave who question past, fix present, thus sowing the seeds of future."

Dear friends,

Let me first say one simple thing; "I am not a magician!"

I cannot whip a new world for everyone, and I cannot create your future alone. I am human, and I have limitations. However, if you are ready to work with me, I can assure you, together we will not only re-start the "Evolution of Democracy" and make our worlds better and more equal, but we will leave a lasting legacy for our posterity.

My dear friends, the days of "Nationalists" are over. The time has come to embrace "Global Citizenship". If big corporations can take over the entire world and butcher the interests of ordinary people with impunity, what is there stopping us ordinary people to group together and regain not just our lost ground, but build a better world for everyone?

So join me friends, as I provide solutions and foresights to all the problems that afflict our world today. I am not like those fake campaigners being promoted by media for their vested interests, simply because they will work for them later. I in fact have no backing from media, and I don't expect to get it either, for I won't work for their interests, rather I'll work for the interests of everybody in the society, be it ordinary people, or be it honest business houses and media organizations.

We all share the same world, and we are all in this world together. This is our only home, and it is in our hands how we keep it.

And a few words to those few people who question me for raising issues; "Please get over your hatred and jealousy."

Their is a price to pay for anyone who dares challenge the current system, be it political establishments, business giants, or even courts. I don't talk big things, I do them. What is going to be put on this website, and what is already there on my artist webstite Fatal Urge Carefree, is what I have already actually done on ground. There are vested interests working overtime to mute my voice, not directly as it will blow their cover and expose their designs, but covertly. I am suffering financial hardships to an extent where I have actually cut down on the number of meals and quality of food that I eat. This is the price you pay when you decide you want to achieve something for the society. Nobody ever stopped you from doing anything for the world, and nobody is stopping you now. If you have the guts to suffer the pains associated with being a force of change, then act. Otherwise, if you are not willing to suffer hardships and pains, then just do me a favour and just share my links and stories with your friends via emails, text messages, twitter and facebook. You may not want to suffer for humanity, but help the one who is ready to. I am not asking you to go on strikes, or sit on fasts, or start movements like "Occupy Movements", for neither is that my style, nor are such gimmicks an answer to the problems our world faces today. Such things will not help in the evolution of our democratic societies, something which I aim to achieve. So if you can do nothing else, then just spread and share my message, and leave the rest to me.

Amanpreet Singh Rai

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